Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does God Get Sick of Suck Ups?

I'm getting back into the blogging swing of things and decided to start out the lazy way. I'm pulling some of my older posts out and re-posting them. Sort of like re-gifting only not as politically gross. Here is one of my personal favorites, because I now truly understand the answer to my question in this past post.

Lately I've been so thankful for everything!

I find myself saying thanks to god for the smallest of things.

So much so that I feel like a total suck up.

"God, thanks for sending that flock of birds just now, I needed that".

"God, thanks for giving me a seat with a wonderful view while I work my second job performing mindless oopma-loompa-like work". Update: "Lord thank you for the new business that I love, love, love!"

"God, thank you for letting me get the last banana Popsicle. You know how these greedy people in my house can be".

"God, thank you for making me slam on my breaks, when that firetruck almost wiped my daughter and I off the face of the earth. (Well that one was legitimate).

"God, thank you for keeping me from killing my husband." (I guess that's a big one too).

"God, thank you for the invention of toilet paper, because really, what would we do without it?"

My thank you prayers get pretty ridiculous at times and the other day I thought to myself, "when does giving too much thanks become sucking up?" Is God up there screening his prayers because of me and people like me?

I can picture him saying " GEEZ ALREADY!" Or "Oh for My sake, not this one again!" or "this one is really clogging up my voice mail! Peter, can we put this one on the DO NOT PRAY LIST?"

Well, I guess I'll find out
  • if I ever when I get up there, won't I?
  • Update: My answer to this question is "No!". He never gets sick of us! He wants to hear more in fact! It beats the whining and complaining that's for sure!