Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Even though I don't expect to win this one, I'm honored to be in the top ten!
I voted for myself which explains why I'm on the boards. Get over to Diesel's place MattressPolice and check out his caption contest. He's an amazing photoshop artist who super imposes himself into scenes and then people post their best caption submissions vying for a signed digital copy from the artist (no not Prince the Artist) and bragging rights with an "In Your Face" banner. The genius rigged the banner to bring the clicker back to his site.
I appreciate his blog pimping ways!
So get on over there and vote for your favorite caption. I'm partial to Crazy Aunt Bea from Central Snark Theresa from The Rain In Spain and Crummy Church Signs
Good Luck Everyone!



I am filling in for the captain. Elvis and Jesus want to know if you have cut your hair and would like new pics.

Zoning Out Again said...

Hey there Uber! Glad to know that the captain has left you as power of attorney! If he had left me in charge he would have come back to an interesting blog layout. I say we get together and throw a party over at his place! Something Animal Housey! Then we'll redecorate! So when will he be paroled? He is somethin else!!!!

No I still haven't cut my hair yet because my appointment is about a week from Tryptophan-Induced Coma Day (see diesel on that one).
The 29th....I could've just said the 29th. I'm excited! I can't wait. I'm sure I'll end up looking like a short fat old man, but who cares at my age. Maybe I can get away with cutting in line at the grocery store and passing gas in public. I'll post a video of the cutting ceremony!

Anyhow, I can't wait to see what you've done over at Cappys place.

Theresa said...

Way to go on getting picked for the top ten! Now we're caption buddies. Looks like Brad is winning, but hey, it was great to get picked. :)

Zoning Out Again said...

YEAAAAH BUDDIE!!! It is great just to get picked! There really were a lot of great ones! I haven't participated in a while, but I've been bitten by the blog bug lately.
I'm getting ready to load my reply to your meme "what's in your bag". Blogger was being pretty disagreeable the last couple of days, but it seems fine after this last post.
I'll be back in a bit to post it. I'm going to brunch with my girlies. :0)

Zoning Out Again said...

and BTW you should end up in second place it looks like. I think you should get a prize too.

A. Susanto said...

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