Saturday, April 21, 2007


The other day I caught part of a new cell phone commercial where a daughter is talking to her mom using Internet lingo and the mom understands it but responds in regular English so the audience knows what the heck the kid is saying.
I thought about some of the comments that my daughters post on their myspace, which some of it I understand but most of it is like hieroglyphics.
Now that I know what it all means, I love to torture the girls when their friends are over, by talking like they do. Their friends think I'm 'mad off the hook', but the girls cringe.

I asked a couple of experts (my teenage daughters) to give me a break down so that I could post a little 101 here for those of you who share my illiteracy. Some of it is a little vulgar. It was funny because the girls censored themselves in their descriptions. (They aren't allowed to curse. I wouldn't even bend on 'Crap') :0)

Here it is. Some of it is obvious. Some just ridiculous.

LOL: laugh out loud
JK: just kidding
ttyl: talk to you later
sry: sorry
thx: thanks
w/b: write back
OMG: oh my god
OOMG: ooh, oh my god
IDK: I don't know
til: until
BTW: by the way

sup: what's up
ur: you're, or your
jus: just
iight: Alright
ayo: hey 'yo
g2g: got to go
brb: be right back
nvm: never mind
w/e: whatever
LMAO: laugh my ass off (personally I think they should be using (LMBO) 'laugh my butt off)".

nmxjc: nothin much except just chillen
hop off: Stop hatin (stop being mean)
swagga jackin: copying someones style
fall back: back off, stop what your saying or doing
imma: I'm going to (I'm gonna)
ily: sick or cool
cnt: can't
Grille: face
Holla Back: get back to me

WTF: What the "Expletive"
n/h: I really don't even want to go here, but basically when someone says I love you to the same gendered person, then they write n/h meaning they don't mean it that way.
w/e :0)

I'd like to make a few up of my own when I talk to my kids and their friends.
Here is an example of me commenting their friends on their myspace page telling them that the girls can't talk on the phone or get on myspace for however long I've grounded them for:

Ev1: (ev1 is every one)
Sup? It's Blah and blah's Mom Mrs ZOA.
(Zoning Out Again)
sry but dey won't be able to holla back 'atcha bcuz dey iz grdd.
So dnt call dey celly, or call R crib, dnt com ovr and don't w/b.
Dnt be hatin, it's all good. and don't be swagga jackin any of my new wordz!
imma fall back now. peace lbrz. (little brats)
Mamma ZOA
I am SO not even going to try to run spell check on this post! :0) PEACE!


ThisIsMe said...

news flash!!! "ILY" does not mean w/e u put. "ily" means i luv u. get ur facts str8. k???

Zoning Out Again said...

:0P Dont hate! Appreciate!

Theresa said...

Hmm, learning a lot here. I have an almost 12 year old, and soon will have to decipher her "code". Too bad we live in Spain, do you have a copy in Spanish?

BTW Thought your caption about Axe body spray over at Diesel's was really funny. imma fall back now but IBB(o.k. I had to peek at your list, did I get it right?

Zoning Out Again said...

You hit right on point! I think you added one yourself.
I didn't have IBB and I had to think about it. :0)
Cool that you're in Spain. My grandparents are from Spain, and wouldn't you know it, my parents didn't teach me the language.
I'm afraid to send you the break down in Spanish because I may twist everything into some thing really embarrassing.

Don't you just love diesel?
His blog is yummy!

Diesel said...


I did like your captions (both of yours), but they didn't quite make it into the finalists. Keep trying though, you never know what's going to strike me as funny.

Trying to read all those abbreviations just makes me tired and irritable.

Zoning Out Again said...

You're tired and irritable? Wait until your kids are teenagers and you have to listen to this babbling! Not to mention, I only typed a smidgin of it. At least you could skip over it. :0)

And no biggie about not getting in the top 10. I really loved Neva's caption but loved Drive Bys even more, so I voted for him.

I hope your next photo will be you as a Hero.

Theresa said...

Wow, your grandparents are from Spain, that's neat, have you ever visited?. I'm from California, and I try to teach my kids English but sometimes it seems like a losing battle. We'll have to see who is stronger-willed, me or them (think they're winning at this point).

Your kids are lucky to have a cool Mom, who's willing to learn their language. I just made IBB up, don't know if it's a real one or not :-)

Diesel's blog is fabulous! I always get a great laugh out of his posts. (Do you think this'll help me for the next caption contest? JK -actually, it's one of my favorite places)

Zoning Out Again said...

Yes my Grandparents are from Spain, but no-one ever taught me to speak Spanish.

My first husband and his parents tried to teach me. Actually, I really embarrassed myself the first time I met his parents.
I was trying to tell them that their son had big beautiful eyes. I said something like "Michael has muy grande y bonita juevos".
Their jaws dropped and when they told me what I said, which was something more like, "your son has big beautiful eggs", well you can imagine the color I turned.

That's so interesting that you're also from California. Do you yourself have Hispanic roots? I would imagine you speak Spanish Fluently. I'm actually a mix of a whole bunch of things. I’m mostly Spanish, but also Philippina, Italian, and a drop of Irish in there somewhere. :0) All of my kids are learning to speak Spanish fluently in school. I’m so proud of them. They chose to take it as far as they can.

It's my plan to travel a lot once my kids are grown. I'd love to do it now, but the old mighty dollar isn't very mighty in my household. Spain will be my first stop!
I'm getting ready to enter a Nursing program, so traveling will definitely be in my future.

Yeah, my kids think I'm cool SOMETIMES. :0) I'm still a big kid and most often they are telling me to grow up. NEVER! I love that you made IBB up. I have a few friends who refuse to leave comments and end up emailing their comments to me instead, and they've been making their own abbreviations up. It's pretty funny. I wish they would do it here. So often the comment section on blogs are funnier than the posts themselves. At least in my case. :0)

I am addicted to diesel's post, but I'm starting to wean myself off a little and venture out to read other posts. I’ve been sucking up to him a lot. I’m sure he’s sick of me by now.
I love your blog too BTW! I'm very new to this whole blogging thing and I love it. I've been spending too much time alone with my multiple personalities and they're getting pretty boring. It's so cool becoming part of a community, including people from SPAIN! :0)

Click on my myspace link on my blog. I have pictures of my kiddos pasted all over the place. I love myspace for the simple fact that you can get take a look at who they are associating with. Most kids are polite when they meet the parents but it’s a different story when you aren’t around. It was a stipulation, for my girls to have a myspace page, that I be able to keep a loving eye on them. :0)

Well, I’m off to catch up on some blog posts. (Okay yes, I’m going back over to diesel’s post. I can’t get enough! I’m not leaving any comments for a few days though. :0)

Theresa said...

Muy grande y bonita juevos, I love it! You could get to be very popular with men over here if you tell them that.

I'm actually from a Dutch family, was born in California, and didn't speak a word of Spanish before having a Spanish boyfriend in High School(not my husband, by the way, I guess I just have a penchant for Spanish men). What an interesting background you have, mine seems boring by comparison, I mean all my ancestors are from the same country.

I'm new to blogging too, just started in January, but I have no shame when making comments. We should exclaim to the world, "Cast off your complexes and comment! We all love comments." The only trouble with blogging is that there are too many great blogs out there and not enough time. Nice pics on your myspace page, they look like great kids. My oldest(almost 12) has a blog, supervised by me, of course.

Diesel will never get sick of any of us, because he needs his faithful minions.

Your buddy said...

I promise to start leaving you comments!

G said...

You know, you did such a good job decoding the internet slang, the least I could do is give you the 411 on CentralSnark:

Neva a/k/a Snuppy started it with another person who has since dropped out. I am G but Lampsha in The Snark (long story that had all to do with being tired and my little lampshade lady avatar which is meaningless in Wordpress). The Penguin is also Minka or The Ice Queen (on her blog). And of course Diesel is Diesel who left a comment one day and then we made him who he is today (heh).

That's a quick primer.

Loved your post and your comment above about big beautiful juevos. Very funny.

Zoning Out Again said...

G~ (Lampsha)
Thank you so much for the break down. I was starting to get all discombobulated with all the names and who is who. :0)You guys are really hilarious! I'm quite addicted I must say! Thanks for coming by! I feel very honored! (More sucking up!)

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