Thursday, April 19, 2007


Spring is finally here in the North East!
(I say that in my whisper voice just in case).
All of my babies are starting to bloom. I love gardening! I find myself doing a lot of things I thought I wouldn't do until I turn 50 but here I am, WAY ahead of time. Actually, I feel like I've regressed to the age of 5. Still playing in the dirt and loving it.

Until about 2 years ago my super hero nicknames were "The Black Thumb" because I killed everything I got my hands on (plants) and "Virus Fingers" because the antiquated Macs at work were crap, but it was easier for those co-worker-haters to blame all of the crashes on me. Hurtful haters! :0) {you know who you are and you know I Luz you!)
'Black Thumb' was an unfair label because no one ever told me water was a key element for growing things. I'm a California native...we had water usage restrictions and everything green out there is staged! If you are out watering your lawn in Cali, you may as well be out beating your dog in public. Break out the hose and you can surely expect picketing.

The first year that I became addicted to growing stuff out here in the east,(not that stuff), I started a planting frenzy. I found myself sneaking out around 11 pm to water everything in the dark. Finally, I asked my neighbor if people were offended by "watering" like they are in Cali. The answer is no and so I am free to unload all of the liquid magic I am willing to pay for.
So far, this spring is different and I haven't had to break out the hose yet. After a recent storm flooded many spots in our region, (Thank God our home is not located in a flood plain), it delivered just what my babies needed. The landscaping throughout our neighborhood has started to flourish and everyone is starting to feel Spring Fever.
Everyone, including my dogs, who want to assist in watering everything that I wish they won't notice. Why must they go straight for the good stuff? My poor little Crocus are so vulnerable! Pee is not good for Crocus! Or anything for that matter. If I didn't have to let these plant wreckers back in my house I would pee on them myself to show them how it feels. Although with my luck they would like it. (the dogs, not the Crocus).
Dogs are gross like that. (Isn't Crocus fun to say?)
Well, I'm pretty wiped out from the crappy 2nd job. Getting home at 10:30 PM after working all day, and then jumping on the computer to stalk diesel, of and staying up until 2:30 am is starting to wear on me. Can you not tell by the post I just finished? Look over to your right; that's what I look like right now!
I'll be back tomorrow to:
First, look for diesel's new CAPTION CONTEST.
{You'll have to use the link above because I haven't learned how to link words yet}. and 2nd; get my new post up.
I'm planning on doing a nice little breakdown on today's slang and IMing lingo that the kids are using to exclude us old timers. Now-a-days it's like the need to learn Spanish.
Time to drift off and dream about the coolest shout out I've ever received. Ever, ever. YES. EVER. I've been on cloud 9 all day after reading 'Thursday's Shout-Outs' by diesel on diesel gave some very cool bloggers (along with me) mad props! (Mad Props: An abundance of Accolades, acknowledgements, ego stroking, etc.)
Race you guys to diesel's place tomorrow! (or in my case later today).


Anonymous said...

I like to kill bugs.

~one of your personalities

Diesel said...

This Diesel person sounds intriguing. Perhaps I shall stalk him as well.

Linusmann said...

I'm so embarrassed, I thought that I was the one that Diesel meant was stalking him. I hope there's enough room in his bushes or crocus for the both of us.

BTW, your site's very funny. I actually peed my pants reading it and that's what I'm blaming it on.

Zoning Out Again said...

Hey I love your blog! Very funny, and don't worry about the whole stalking thing. Diesel loves it! I'm sure he has more stalkers than he is willing to admit!
(including himself) :0)

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