Wednesday, May 9, 2007



Theresa said...

Don't jump! Diesel's contest is not worth that much, no man is worth that much. Wow, is that near where you live? It's a beautiful area! Cookie is adorable, she's going to have lots of men jumping off bridges over her.

Minka said...

Ok, I am a bit scared right now...but I sure enjoyed the trip until teh jumoing came up :)

I made Diesel´s top ten once...and I didn´t win in the end. I am still here typing, I guess I didnæt jump back then either :)

Hello...came here via the snark and the beautiful lady from Spain on top :)

Zoning Out Again said...

theresa~ I kid, I kid! No jumping for anything! :0) Cookie says thanks for the compliment!
If my husband has his way, men (boys) who come around will be thrown off bridges! :0)

minka~ Sorry to scare you! I wasn't really planning on jumping. It was difficult just looking over the rail without getting nauseous. So glad you came by!
Thanks theresa! She's so good to me! I'll see you back over at diesels next post. :0D

neva (snuppy) said...

well thank GOODNESS you didn't jump! i mean, how would we have been able to enjoy that wonderful video? as for Diesel? heh - he's not worth guy and/or blogger is worth something that dramatic and/or drastic! ; )

and Cookie is, indeed, a little cutie pie (and so are you, by the way) loveloveloved the video, Zoned Out Girl! well done! *claps* xox

Zoning Out Again said...

Thank you for the very
kind words neva!

Trust me! I know that no man is worth jumping off a bridge for, except for my husband. Except in his case it would be more like "because of". :0D

Ahhh, nothing a ton of liquor to get zoned out won't cure! :0)
(i'm so kidding!)

Gawpo said...

Speaking of falling (after a jump, that is), Cookie proves the axiom that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Both sheer beauties! And that one shot of Cookie where you say she looks happy----she sorta looks, well.....zoned out.

Apple. Tree.

Zoning Out Again said...

Thanks Gwapo! Yeah and she thinks she's funny too!(actually she is quite the comedian).

G said...

How did I miss this!!! Oy vay, I hope you were waiting for me for the intervention.

You and your daughter are beauties! That's a lovely area you live in.

And listen, no big deal on the caption thing - my win is hollow and meaningless by now. Plus, as I think about it - I didn't even get my crummy autographed picture.


G said...

that is I hope you "weren't" waiting for me for the intervention!

Zoning Out Again said...

All is well...I never jumped! :0)
Thank you for the kind words!
Wow! You didn't get your auto-graphed photo? That's a bunch of HOODaNanny if I may say!
I'd storm diesel's place and give him hell if I were you! We work really hard for his caption contests!!!!!!

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